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DISCLOSURE FORMS (files for your use in Adobe pdf format)

        Investment Brochure - the formal description of business practices and fees for Natural Investments, LLC

        Form CRS - Client Reltationship Summary for Natural Investments, LLC

        Privacy Policy - Statement of confidentiality of client information for Natural Investments, LLC

        Code of Ethics - Our code of ethics, adopted from those used by the Certified Financial Planner Board.


CLIENT FORMS (files for your use in Adobe pdf file format)    

        Confidential Questionnaire - for investment related information

        Cash Flow Questionnaire - for performing a cash flow analysis, and preparing and projecting a budget


FINANCIAL PLANNING RESOURCES (links to other web sites)

        Investopedia - Forbes site on personal finance and investing

        Yahoo Finance - for current news, quotes and general financial information

        BankRate - source for mortgage rates, interest rates, and more

        Deposit Accounts - source for interest rates, and more 

        Financial Literacy - for financial education and money management skills

        Dave Ramsey - blunt, direct help and resources for getting your finances in order


SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE INVESTING (SRI) Resources (links to other web sites)

        Natural Investments - investment advisor firm for managing investment assets

        First Affirmative Financial Network - nationwide network of investment professionals specializing in SRI

        US/SIF - The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment

        FS Insight - Source for ideas and developments on financing the transition toward a sustainable economy

        Green America - membership organization for socially just and environmentally sustainable society

        UN PRI - United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, a partnership with the UNEP Finance initiative


COMMUNITY / SOCIAL LENDING (links to other web sites)

        Community Investing Center - US/SIF resource for adding community investments to your portfolio

        Calvert Impact Capital -  invest in Calvert Community Investment (CCI) notes 

        Prosper - online community for lending and borrowing money

        Kiva - online lending to the developing world


REDUCE YOUR FOOTPRINT (links to other web sites)

        Finger Lakes Climate Fund - fund to promote energy efficiency through carbon offset donations

        TerraPass - funds clean energy projects to offset the carbon emissions you can’t eliminate

        CarbonFund - offset your emissions, fight global warming

        Carbon Footprint Calculator - EPA’s carbon footprint calculator, and link to downloadable Excel version

        StoryOfStuff - a look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns

        EnergyStar - find energy efficient appliances and lighting fixtures

        IthacaCarShare - local car share non-profit for reducing car ownership and sharing cars

        GreenForAll - building an inclusive green economy to lift people out of poverty

        SustainableTompkins - an Ithaca-based coalition to ensure the well-being of our communities and region

        Green Resource Hub of the Finger Lakes - expanding the regional marketplace for sustainable living

        SnugPlanet - Ithaca business to protect the environment through improved building efficiency

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